What can we say?  We love music.  We love food, beer, wine, people, dr. pepper and diet coke.  We love our mothers, our families and our dogs (not equally, but a lot.) 


And basically, we love what we do.




Duff Rice is the fearless leader

of Duff Entertainment.  Get the connection?  His real name is Harry, and he can tell you the story on that when you meet him.  And once you meet him, you’ll want to hear the story.  He’s good people – a pure Midwest hard working guy.  No pretense,  just solid, easy going and wicked smart.  All those traits are exactly what he built Duff Entertainment on.  Add a little dry humor, that love of music, and people, and you have the basis of this company that’s been around for over 25 years. 


Filling stages with great music, producing exceptional events that bring people together for a good cause or a good time,  is what Duff and his Entertainment is all about.


Hope you can meet Duff and work
with him soon.


If you have a name like Omar – you’ve got to be pretty cool and confident just to back it. Well he’s got it.  He’s got the cool and the confidence.  A jump-right-in kind of guy, Omar is an Event Manager @ Duff Entertainment.  This dude knows his stuff.  The kind of guy you want and need in your corner or your fox hole, or running your event. C’mon – just check out his picture…it says more than 1000 words.


Suzy has been in the music and entertainment business for 525,600 minutes.. oh wait.  Scratch that.  Those are lyrics from the musical Rent.  She does love a show tune!  And just may belt one out any time.  Suzy also belts out some doozy ideas to generate revenue. She does it for us as our New Biz wiz.  When you need a catchy concept that might just catch on, Suzy delivers. She can’t spell or bake a cookie for love or money. But, when it comes to going outside of the box, any size box in marketing or new biz development,  you’re in Suzy’s wheelhouse. By the way, when you meet her, for everyone’s sake, please don’t ask her to sing.


A little hippie, a little all-American and a lot of rock and roll’.  And you know how every team has that someone to go to for EVERYTHING.  Well Sonia is ours. Plus she got a new puppy – so we double love her. An outstanding combo of a good gut and plenty of social and digital experience. Sonia works in partner outreach, aka sponsorship
and you guessed it…marketing.  
Our Marketing Specialist to be exact.  

A lot of talent in one hip chick.

Sometimes someone doesn’t  have to say anything to say a lot. With Jessica, there is no spot light or center stage battle. Just creative effective leadership…all done with class and kindness. The quiet problem solver who manages major events like they’re a 4-year old’s birthday party.  Every detail covered before you even know it’s a detail on the list.  Count on it.  Count on everything being done just right when Jessica’s your Event Manager. She’s kind of like pleasant surprise that sneaks up on you.  That’s why we all just step aside and let this girl go.  You’ll see.


Don’t let the picture fool you, Melissa Adams was once a classical musician on a path of science with her sight set on becoming a doctor (huh?). That all changed when she attended her first rock show shortly after college graduation (Fall Out Boy in Buenos Aires). That summer she moved to Chicago where her love of live music has grown to obsessive proportions. You name the job in the music biz and she’s done it well … sound intern, stagehand, venue hospitality, production management, sound engineer, tour management, and talent buying. Obsession perhaps or just the perfect path to talent buying here with Duff Entertainment. Stand by more to come as Melissa starts filling our stages with your next favorite band!


In order to be a talent buyer in the music biz, you also gotta have one set of good ears.  You gotta know what’s hot, who’s hot, who’s not and what’s about to break. You gotta hear the trend way before it's trending. Well our Talent Buyer Nick Cartwright's got the looks of an Emo Pop Punk Roadie (long way from Tweetie Bird t-shirts), with the sound training like no other.  His love of good music is only matched by his love of top notch sound.  And not just any sound - pitch perfect, multi-layered put it all in sound.  When you hear, "he’s got an ear for music"…well it’s Nick.  Keep your eyes and ears for what’s coming on our stages - cause Nick will have you jammin' in your seats, and never wanting to hear the end of it.  

Pun intended! 

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